Training Tips

Training Tip: Kickboxing

It's easy to get stuck in a certain mindset about which exercises serve which needs. For instance, when trying to address stress relief, many people assume that a practice like yoga would be the clear choice. In response to that assumption, personal trainer Ada Rivera...

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Training tip: building balance

How many times a day do you think about your balance? Balance is an important part of many of the activities we do every day, such as walking, going up and down stairs, or getting in and out of a chair. By being aware of your balance and working to strengthen it, you...

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Intro to strength training

In this Training Tip, personal trainer Kimberley Cubbage describes and demonstrates four exercises using our Life Fitness equipment. These lower and upper body exercises can be used as an introduction to strength training and may be modified for most fitness levels.

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Foam rolling

Looking to address muscle tension? In the following Training Tip, personal trainer Marcus Haywood guides you through four foam rolling exercises targeted to release tension in specific areas.

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Exercises to do on vacation

Any time you’re on the go and want to keep active, try this fitness routine suggested by personal trainer Larry Horner. This series of five exercises supports cardio fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.

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Training for a 5K race

If you are starting from scratch on completing a 5K, or any fitness goal, the key to success (and staying injury-free) is taking small but steady steps. Ready to take your first step? Follow these four tips from PWC trainer Sarah Mahoney.

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Heat stroke 101

As we enter the hottest month of the year, we become more susceptible to heat-induced conditions, one of which is known as heat stroke. Personal trainer Joe Schuyler provides information on understanding, recognizing, reacting to and preventing this dangerous condition.

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