Training Tips

How to do a hip hinge correctly

The hip hinge is great for mobility, strength, and balance. This movement can help keep the body injury free and prevent lower back pain when done properly, as PWC trainer Heather Boggess shows in this article.

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Training for a 5K race

Going from the couch to a 5K can be a daunting goal, but with some determination and dedication to your goal you can achieve it! Picking a particular race to focus on, such as the Turkey Trot 5K at PWC on Thanksgiving Day, provides a great goal and timeline to keep...

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Doing a push up: 3 options

Learn from PWC personal trainer Kim Cubbage about the push up exercise, one of the best and most simple exercise movements you can do. It activates nearly every muscle in your body, which yields toned muscles, increased endurance, and more.

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How to do the woodchop

The woodchop is a great exercise for both the upper and lower body and helps create a strong core. It can be performed holding a dumbbell or medicine ball in your hands. Always start with a smaller weight and work your way up. To do this exercise, first make sure that...

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