Training Tips

Exercises to do on vacation

Any time you’re on the go and want to keep active, try this fitness routine suggested by personal trainer Larry Horner. This series of five exercises supports cardio fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.

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Training for a 5K race

If you are starting from scratch on completing a 5K, or any fitness goal, the key to success (and staying injury-free) is taking small but steady steps. Ready to take your first step? Follow these four tips from PWC trainer Sarah Mahoney.

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Heat stroke 101

As we enter the hottest month of the year, we become more susceptible to heat-induced conditions, one of which is known as heat stroke. Personal trainer Joe Schuyler provides information on understanding, recognizing, reacting to and preventing this dangerous condition.

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On the subject of squats

You can improve mobility and strength for your daily life by adding squats to your exercise routine. In this Training Tip, personal trainer Katie Hutchins shares a “show & tell” on how to do a squat correctly.

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3 exercises to prevent hunchback

Have you heard of kyphosis? It’s a common condition with another name that’s more familiar to most of us – hunchback. Address the condition with these 3 exercises shared by personal trainer Sarah Mahoney.

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Just say no – to winter hibernation!

The winter blues … the winter doldrums … we’re right at that time of year when many people feel challenged to remain committed to their exercise program. This could be due to the weather, or it could be a product of settling back into routine after the excitement of...

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Soothing your psoas muscle

The average American spends about 12-13 hours a day seated. One of the effects of all this sitting is a shortening and tightening of the hip flexors, including a major hip flexor, the psoas (SO-as) muscle. Certain sports like cycling and running also contribute to...

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