Our swim lessons are open to the public. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends swim lessons for children as a “layer of protection” to prevent drowning. In addition to serving as a key component of water safety, swim lessons can introduce children to a fun physical activity that they may enjoy for years to come.

During our group lesson program for children, the following classes are typically offered: Parent & Child (ages 6 months – 3 years), Preschool Aquatics (ages 3-5 years), and Learn to Swim (ages 6 – 13 years).

Classes for children support the needs of never-ever swimmers as well as young swimmers progressing in their skills. Our learning environment focuses on building skills in a fun way while also focusing on water safety – important knowledge for swimmers in order to help themselves or others in an aquatic emergency.

SUMMER 2023 Session 3 SCHEDULE

Downloadable registration form can be found after the schedule; please scroll to the bottom.


Please take a look at the following for determining which class may be right for your child and to print a registration form:

  1. Swim Lesson Class Descriptions/Which Class is Right for You
  2. Group Swim Lesson Registration Form

Please contact aquatics manager Stacey Aucoin with any questions: 540-445-5383 or saucoin@culpeperwellness.org