Health Education

At Powell Wellness Center (PWC) we take a unique approach to fitness and wellness. We offer a variety of programs and resources to educate our members and the community on healthy living and overall well-being.

Health Programs and Events

In addition to our regular exercise classespersonal trainingFitScripts program, and nutrition services, we offer health and wellness programs such as walking challenges, health fairs, and lectures on health and wellness topics. Check our events calendar for an up-to-date list of health programs and events.

Health Matters

This program is temporarily on hold while group gatherings indoors are limited by Virginia’s pandemic protocols.

Join us on the second Tuesday of every month at 12:00 noon for Health Matters – a free and educational presentation open to the public on a current health or wellness topic. Each month, a member of the local medical community or our own in-house specialists share their expertise on health topics and answer your questions. Past presentations have focused on heart health, living with diabetes, proper nutrition, living well with a chronic condition, shaping up for summer, and more.

Wellness Services

Our wellness services include a variety of screenings and tests that can be conducted for individuals or groups, such as cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides); A1C (estimation of your blood glucose levels over the past three months); and BodyGem, a resting metabolic rate/metabolism test.

Contact Us

Contact the Front Desk at 540-445-5406 for prices or to schedule an appointment for a particular screening.

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