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The MFA in 2018 recognized PWC as an exceptional facility that serves as a benchmark for the medical fitness community, composed of more than 40 certified centers nationally. Learn more about how medical integration distinguishes PWC and uniquely serves community needs.

As the area’s only medically-integrated fitness and health center, Powell Wellness Center (PWC) offers FitScripts, medical programming that makes it possible for people of all ages and backgrounds to safely enhance their overall health, wellness, and physical fitness.

FitScripts—Prescribing Exercise as Medicine

PWC created FitScripts from the Exercise is Medicine® program, an initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Association (AMA). It is a physician-referral program designed for those who could benefit from exercise but who may have a chronic condition or physical limitation such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, pulmonary disease, or orthopedic concern that is preventing them from regular exercise.

Through FitScripts, physicians prescribe exercise by referring patients to PWC for an eight-week program of supervised sessions in a small group setting. Specialized pool and gym classes in our FitScripts program address:

    • Cancer
    • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Phase III
    • Diabetes/Hypertension
    • General/weight loss
    • Orthopedic
    • Parkinson’s – read about our new Rock Steady Boxing program!
    • Pulmonary

FitScripts also offers a kids program for ages 10-14 and a pre and post natal program. Read the UVA Health study indicating that exercise during pregnancy may save kids from health problems as adults.

The role of exercise in supporting wellness – a local physician shares his thoughts.

For additional information, take a look at the FitScripts brochure and referral form or contact Whitney Propps, Medical Program Leader at 540-445-5388 or

“Our family has received a scholarship for the FitScripts program. This program allows our teenagers to get in shape through a fitness program in a safe environment. We feel confident our kids are in a family-friendly facility, which is very important to us. We have seen improved health and wellness with our guys. They are more aware and attentive to their overall health. The certified medical fitness program makes us, as parents, feel confident that our family is getting the best possible care, direction and supervision that we  need to gain and maintain new healthy habits. The program works well because the employees give direction, feedback, and encouragement as well as safety instruction, accountability and support with obtainable goals.”

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