Need a home workout? Below you will find:

  • Zoom links to two live classes
  • Zoom link to archived classes

New to Zoom? Please take a look at these resources:

Video tutorial for Zoom

A “cheat sheet” on accessing Zoom

For the classes, typically no equipment is needed and if there is, we will identify it in the class description. Modifications are offered. All participants are muted, so feel free to choose your own music to work out to! Once you access Zoom and join the class, the instructor will offer any further guidance needed.

Please read for the ZOOM classes:

  • If you sign in prior to the instructor, you will be in the “waiting room.” The instructor will admit you.
  • You must have your video on to be admitted. Once admitted, you may elect to discontinue your video.
  • Five minutes after a class begins, the session will be locked to entry.



8:30 am: Tabata 60  with Gwen, class link:

Tabata: Interval based full body workout.


8:30 am: Kettlebell Strength with Karen. Class link:

Designed to increase your heart rate, build strength and burn calories.


Just click on the logo and once you’re connected to Zoom, hit the play button, adjust your volume and get ready to move!

Retro Aerobics with Kelly – July 2022

Zumba with Kelly – July 2022

Click below for Cardio class with Christine. (posted Nov 2022)

July 29, 2021 Cardio class

Click below for Tabata class with Christine. (posted June 2022) 

August 3, 2021 Tabata class