We are offering free online classes on Zoom. Below you will find:

  • Zoom links to live classes
  • A link to a video tutorial on Zoom and a “cheat sheet” on Zoom
  • Our weekly schedule of classes
  • A link to class descriptions
  • Zoom link to archived classes (different than the live link to a class).

For the classes, typically no equipment is needed and if there is, we will identify it in the class description. Modifications are offered. All participants are muted, so feel free to choose your own music to work out to! Once you access Zoom and join the class, the instructor will offer any further guidance needed.

Links to upcoming live classes

Please read for the ZOOM classes:

  • If you sign in prior to the instructor, you will be in the “waiting room.” The instructor will admit you.
  • You must have your video on to be admitted. Once admitted, you may elect to discontinue your video.
  • Five minutes after a class begins, the session will be locked to entry.

Monday, June 1

9 am: Step, Core & More with Lou Ellen: https://zoom.us/j/420457367

10 am: Seated Yoga with Annette: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82223972691

12:30 pm: 3 Mile Walk Workshop with Sharon: Facebook Live; through your Facebook account, at class time visit facebook.com/PowellWellnessCenter

Tuesday, June 2

9 am: Tabata 30 with Christine, https://zoom.us/j/312861032

10 am: AXIS with Sarah, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88927607389

Wednesday, June 3

9 am: Step, Core & More with Lou Ellen, https://zoom.us/j/420457367

10 am: Beginners’ Yoga with Annette, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81038268050

6:30 pm: Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Joyce, Link pending

Thursday, June 4

9 am: Cardio with Christine, https://zoom.us/j/606826163

10 am: AXIS with Sarah, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83015091033

Friday, June 5

9 am: Step, Core & More with Lou Ellen, https://zoom.us/j/965151375

10 am: Yoga 1 with Annette, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85040422367

Saturday, June 6

9 am: P90X with Christine, https://zoom.us/j/704342608




When an archived video is available for play, we’ll link the Zoom logo below to the current archived class with no log in necessary. Just click on the logo and once you’re connected to Zoom, hit the play button, adjust your volume and get ready to move!

Click below for the 5/25 Seated Yoga class with Annette.

Click below for the 5/26 Tabata class with Christine. 

Click below for the 5/27 Beginners’ Yoga class with Annette.

Click below for the 5/27 Gentle Yoga and Meditation class with Joyce.

Click below for the 5/28 Cardio class with Christine.

Click below for the 5/28 AXIS class with Sarah.

Click below for the 5/29 Step, Core & More class with Lou Ellen.

Click below for the 5/29 Yoga 1 class with Annette.

Click below for the 5/30 P90X class with Christine.