Class Descriptions

The instructors at both Powell Wellness Center and Culpeper Sport & Fitness make you feel like you matter. … I have a hard time keeping up with the more fit people but in the classes the instructors tend to the needs of each one of us without making us feel like we are doing things wrong. I don’t know how you do it but it helps so much to know WE matter and it is about us and not about the instructor’s fitness level.
-Patricia, member



Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Fitness Studio Classes

1-2-3 Fit Express 
This 30-minute class features cardio, strength and core moves of varying difficulty to deliver a rewarding fitness challenge! Using a selection of equipment, from bosu balls to TRX, your workout will be varied each week. Choose the intensity that is right for you!

3 Mile Walk 
A great low impact workout in 45 minutes! Constant movement will ensure lots of steps that add up to 3 miles in this high energy cardio class! For all fitness levels.

Arthritis Mobility Essentials
This class is for anyone with arthritis and all activity levels. We’ll start with a beginning joint check and warm up, then work on stretching and range of motion, followed by strengthening, cardiovascular endurance and balance and coordination. Class wraps up with a joint check and relaxation and breathing techniques.

30-minute core workout. Designed to fill the gap between your cardio and strength workouts with a focus on your foundation – the core. AXIS creates stability from the axis, or middle of your body, which is the basis of all movement, then layers on mobility, strength and finally, power.

Beginners’ Yoga 
Learn the fundamental poses of yoga as you build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus. This challenging and dynamic class will invigorate the entire body through breath and movement. Ideal for anyone new to yoga.

The original 60-minute barbell-based class that strengthens and tones the entire body. Burn maximum calories while having a blast with an upbeat soundtrack.

Chi Qi Gong & Meditation
The ancient Chinese practice of qi gong combines slow and deliberate movements, meditation and breathing exercises, all done from a standing position.

Saddle up for a great workout to increase muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance without heavy impact on the joints. Cycling strengthens legs and improves heart and lung function. A motivating soundtrack helps you tackle hills, flats, sprints and mountains. Cycling classes are offered in 30 and 50 minute formats.

FUNctionally Fit
This is a FUNctional workout with everything! Cardio moves that are fun and easy to do, strengthening, core work, balance and flexibility support. Functional workouts help train your body for the activities you perform in everyday life!

Gentle Yoga and Meditation
Learn to let go of stress and tension that can create pain and irritation in the body and mind, while increasing flexibility and focus. This class combines gentle postures with easy movement, breathwork and guided meditation. A blanket or covering is recommended for comfort.

Focus on strengthening the core, abs, and lower back. Increase flexibility, range of motion, balance, and coordination. TheraBalls, Dynabands, and Power Rings vary and complement this workout.

Pilates Reformer (fee based)
A fee-based group class that can take your training to the next level. Increase core and muscular strength, overall flexibility, balance, and coordination while creating long, lean musculature, utilizing spring resistance on the Reformer Bed equipment.

Use a stability ball for a great cardio workout and to improve strength, balance, core and so much more! Come in and win the fitness lottery with Powerball! No prior stability ball experience is necessary.

Retro Aerobics
30 minutes of low impact cardio activity, 20 minutes of strength exercises (abdominals included), and 10 minute of stretching.

Seated Yoga
Smooth gentle movements while seated. Strengthen the immune system while improving balance and stamina, and increasing flexibility with gentle yoga movements.

Senior Strength
This class includes exercises to improve muscular strength and ward off age-related muscle loss as well as keep bones strong, improve mobility, prevent falls, and combat depression. Seated and standing exercises included. Open to all levels. Modifications offered.

Step is a great all-around exercise that can be modified to create an intense workout for all levels, whether you have just started to exercise or have been training for years.

Yoga 1
Increase muscular strength, endurance, and overall flexibility, while learning relaxation techniques utilizing Hatha, Iyengar, and YogaFit postures. Yoga 1 refines the basics learned in Beginners’ Yoga.

This class fuses upbeat rhythms and music with easy-to-follow dance-style moves to create a fun, engaging, and dynamic workout.

Water-based Classes

Aqua Axis 
Focus on your foundation! AXIS creates stability from the axis, or middle of your body, which is the basis of all movement. Work in the pool on stabilizing, mobility, balance and coordination. For all levels of fitness; modifications offered.

Aqua Blaze 
A grab bag of interval training and tabata workouts in the river with surprise suspended moves tossed in, making your body a calorie burning machine after class.

Bata Bing (starts October 12) 
This is a shallow water tabata workout in the lap lanes! This high energy program is six rounds of FUN! The intense workout is perfect for all fitness levels. Water shoes are suggested and webbed gloves would enhance your workout, but are not required.

Body Strong (starts October 15) 
For moderate to higher fitness levels. This class in the river rotates to focus on primarily upper body and core strength or lower body and core strength to develop overall tone and strength. Water shoes strongly recommended.

Family Swim
Family Swim offers a safe and enjoyable environment for families to gather for swimming. Families should register online via the member portal. Family Swim is limited to 50 participants.  Additional information – please read

FitScripts (fee based)
FitScripts is a physician-referred program designed to support those managing or transitioning from a medical condition or physical condition. The aquatic program addresses cardiovascular fitness, balance and range of motion in an environment that reduces impact on the joints.  Read the program description

Liquid Silver
This class will cover functional fitness with cardio, strength, balance and stretching! This class moves to your beat!

River Moves
A great introduction to water classes and the river. This class is an “at your own pace,” low-impact class. Using equipment, you will learn ways to walk, leap and bound through the water to increase strength and cardio endurance.

River Runners (starts October 13)
For participants who work  out at a higher fitness level. Class designed to increase your agility, speed and endurance through various running drills in the river. Water shoes required.

Aquatic step adds a new challenge to every movement. Step in the water incorporates large dynamic moves that will improve your cardiovascular endurance levels and muscle strength. The water provides the perfect, safe environment for a fun, low-impact class that takes your fitness to the next level.

Upper Body Strong (starts October 6)
This class in the river is designed to boost muscle strength and endurance in your arms, back, chest and shoulders and improve core strength. Burn calories, reduce your risk of injury and build stronger bones.

Water Gym
A gym-style workout in the river working your upper body, lower body and core. Total body training in one workout – take the plunge into Water Gym!

*FitScripts is a FEE-BASED group class. A physician’s referral is needed to participate in the FitScripts program, which is designed for those who want to exercise but may have chronic conditions or physical limitations. Click here for more info on FitScripts.

**Proper athletic attire and shoes are required for ALL fitness classes. For aquatic classes it is highly recommended that you wear water shoes. Hydration is essential for a safe and effective workout on the land AND in the pool.

***Schedule, classes and/or instructors are subject to change at any time without prior notice. For your safety and the consideration of others, there will be no admittance to any class five minutes after the class’s scheduled start time.

****Please use caution in the pool when crossing the river to get to the therapy pool. During classes held in the river, the current may be stronger than normal.