Our 2023 WLSL gang!

SAVE THE DATE: June 20, 2024!

Such fun to host the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson – we look forward to it every year! This annual worldwide event is held to promote the importance of swim lessons to support water safety for kids and adults. 2024 will mark the event’s 15th year at hundreds of aquatic centers, swim schools and waterparks.

Our event serves as a first introduction to swim lessons; we hope it will encourage individuals to pursue a full lesson program for to develop their water safety and swim skill competency. As WLSL organizers point out, “learning to swim is as important to general safety as wearing a helmet when riding a bike or wearing a seat belt when riding in a car.”

Typically our event begins at 12:30 with a brief look at water safety, and then age-based groups will participate in a circuit of activities in the pool such as a skills assessment and basic skills such as learning to float. A rubber duck float game in the center’s lazy river will give everyone a chance to try out their new skills and have some fun.

Pre-registration is required; we’ll share registration info soon.

During the event’s wrap up from 1:30-2:00 pm, young participants are welcome to enter PWC’s water safety coloring contest by drawing a picture of a water safety tip (contest judging will take place later). Refreshments will be available.