We are currently hiring for positions on our lifeguarding team! If you are 16 or older, have competent swim skills, are confident in the water, and like to help people, you could be a lifeguard!

Reasons to join our team:

You’ll work in an aquatic arena that is one-of-a-kind! Serving as a lifeguard at our indoor aquatic arena is a truly unique experience. The arena features a pool, therapy pockets, lap lanes and a walking river oval … and let’s not forget the hot tub! The PWC aquatic arena is favorite destination for members and area residents who enjoy the features, programs and events.

We host aquatic fitness classes 6 days a week, plus group swim lessons, weekly water volleyball, family swim sessions and fun events for all ages such as the World’s Largest Swim Lesson, Easter Egg Floats and Spooktacular Pumpkin Floats. Imagine having a job where you get to see people having fun and actively improving their health and wellness every day!

You’ll enjoy job satisfaction. As a lifeguard, you are the point person for supporting our visitors’ health and wellness. From the chair or pool deck, you watch for anyone experiencing difficulties or discomfort in the water in order to respond quickly with assistance. You are also a resource for anyone who may have questions about aquatic programming or pool operations. You’ll assist with our team efforts to keep the pool clean and welcoming to all visitors. Our lifeguards are integral to our pool’s operations! Lifeguarding is a job that can be very rewarding for teens and adults.

You’ll be developing lifelong skills. Becoming a lifeguard is an investment in your personal and career success. Lifeguarding will develop your communication, problem solving and leadership skills, and those skills will serve you well no matter what direction you choose to take after lifeguarding. Actor Vince Vaughn? Former lifeguard! Former president Ronald Reagan? Former lifeguard! Two time Olympic gold medalist Elizabeth Beisel? She pursued certification after the Olympics to achieve her lifetime goal of being a lifeguard!

Are you interested in lifeguarding but have never worked as a lifeguard?

Come to one of our shallow water lifeguarding trainings. To achieve certification in shallow water (up to 6 feet in depth), we offer periodic trainings.

Our next training will take place on March 9 & 10.

The cost for this training is $100. If participants pass the certification and are interested in working with us, their training cost will be reimbursed after a successful 90-day introductory period.

Questions may be directed to aquatics director Stacey Aucoin: 540-445-5383 or saucoin@culpeperwellness.org

Explanation of shallow water lifeguarding training (pdf)

Already certified as a lifeguard?

If you already have an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification or Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Program certification, please read about our available positions and submit an application by visiting THIS LINK on our Careers page.

We look forward to hearing from you!