BioExercise™ combines activities for both body and mind to improve total body functionality. It is designed for people with cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, or multiple sclerosis; with joint replacement, arthritis or chronic pain conditions; and those in stroke recovery. Small group classes at PWC are led by BioExercise™ coach Sharon Steele, who has been in the fitness field for 40 years. Sharon is also an aqua personal trainer, aqua exercise instructor and land exercise instructor.

“BioExercise™ will help participants address the physical and mental needs of their bodies as they age. This can help improve physical and cognitive health,” says Sharon. She has used the principles of the course with her personal training clients, who range in age from 13 to 80, and observes that “the course design makes it great for all ages and fitness levels.” BioExercise™ incorporates the essential skills of reaching, walking, sitting to stand, bending and lifting, turning and balance, which will help foster an active and healthy lifestyle at any age. “And we’re in the water having fun!” Sharon adds.

BioExercise™ focuses on supporting participants to proceed and make progress on their own after the class is over. Participants will receive a laminated copy of the exercises as a resource. The exercises easily can be performed on land if you don’t have a pool available.

Living healthfully in today’s world presents a challenge: advancing technology and urbanization has created millions of desk jobs and long commutes, leading to longer hours of sitting. Reliance on technology also means that people are thinking less. In fact, Sharon points out that the ease of technology has made us so “connected” that we have actually become disconnected from our mind and bodies. BioExercise™ aims to foster a reconnection as it encourages movement in all three planes of motion and development of the use of new brain pathways.

BioExercise™ may be a good choice for you if you are looking to increase your physical mobility and mental agility and equip yourself with tools to continue improving your health. This program will be offered as a small group training; if interested in participating, please contact PWC Fitness Manager Whitney Propps at 540-445-5388 or