A study undertaken over 10 years looked at medical outcomes for more than 19,000 members at two medical fitness facilities (MFF) like PWC as compared to more than 515,000 non-members. As illustrated in the infographic below, the MFF members lived longer — with a 60 percent lower risk of death — and had fewer hospital stays — with a 13 percent lower risk of hospitalization.

The researchers concluded that health-care systems should consider the medical fitness model as a preventative public health strategy to encourage physical activity participation. Physical activity is recognized as one of the most important actions that people of all ages can take to improve their health. Medical fitness centers such as PWC promote healthy levels of physical activity and are characterized by active medical oversight; industry certified staff; disease management and prevention programs; and testing and outcome tracking for quality management of members’ health.

Read the article about the study: “Membership at Wellness Institute or Reh-Fit Centre dramatically improves health, 10-year study finds regular attendance at a medical fitness facility prolongs life, decreases hospitalization” – https://news.umanitoba.ca/medical-fitness-facility/

Read American Journal of Preventive Medicine: “Association of Membership at a Medical Fitness Facility with Adverse Health Outcomes” – https://els-jbs-prod-cdn.jbs.elsevierhealth.com/pb/assets/raw/Health%20Advance/journals/amepre/S0749379721003238.pdf