The community effort organized by Powell Wellness Center (PWC) logged the most steps in the annual Walk 10K Challenge sponsored by the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) that took place May 6-12, 2019. PWC and other MFA medical fitness-certified centers across the country organize the challenge in their local areas, inviting individuals and groups such schools, businesses and clubs to participate and experience the benefits of walking. Community participants in PWC’s Walk 10K logged a winning 63,918,822 steps.


For the second year, the Culpeper Wellness Foundation offered a $500 grant directed toward physical education for schools reaching 1,500,000 steps. Five schools answered – and exceeded – the challenge. Physical education grants are being awarded to: Yowell Elementary, Emerald Hill Elementary, Sycamore Park Elementary, AG Richardson Elementary, and FT Binns Middle School. “We are pleased to support the physical education programs at these schools and appreciate the enthusiastic response by the teachers and students. It’s fun to see kids get excited about healthy challenges like this one,” said Foundation president Shari Landry.


Culpeper Medical Center, SWIFT, and Kids Central afterschool program together contributed nearly 14 million steps to the PWC total.


Thanks to donations by PWC and Culpeper Sport & Fitness, walkers were able to win raffle prizes such as group training and personal training packages, pickleball passes, swim lessons, smoothies and water bottles.


“We’d like thank everyone who joined us in the 2019 challenge. We’re proud to support this initiative by the MFA and always enjoy the enthusiastic participation in Walk 10K. This year blew us away!” said Eric Good, Director of Powell Wellness Center.


Good added, “Walking is low impact, no equipment is needed, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. It’s also a wonderful fitness activity for friends and family to enjoy together – walking offers social time! We hope participation in Walk 10K has encouraged a lot more people to get out and walk, whether they’re just starting a fitness program or are adding another activity to their existing routine.”


FT Binns Middle School staff and students proudly highlighting their 4,506,916 steps