It’s a pleasure to shine the spotlight on PWC member Miss Shirley, a “regular” in the aquatic facility with a biweekly routine. Miss Shirley travels to Powell from her home in Madison County where she has lived for 60 years. She became a member of Powell in 2007, the center’s inaugural year.

Over the years Miss Shirley has been a member, she has adjusted her fitness activities to serve her changing needs. Early in her membership she participated in the aquatic fitness classes, and she still remembers one of Sharon Steele’s morning classes fondly. After experiencing two knee replacements, she shifted from group aquatic fitness classes to enjoying the pool on her own.

Miss Shirley’s aquatic routine offers therapeutic, cardiovascular and strengthening benefits. During her hour-long visits, she enjoys standing in the walking oval where the water for the current emerges. It’s a great spot to relax with the swirl of the warm water, which is soothing for joint or muscle discomfort. After about 5 minutes of savoring the warm current, she’ll next take a lap around the walking oval, then do another current soak. All told, her routine takes about an hour and makes great use of the pool’s therapeutic and fitness aspects.

Our thanks to Miss Shirley for sharing her wellness story.