Kim has been working with personal trainer Bobby Zajkowski, first in the FitScripts program and then as a training client, with the goal of improving her overall fitness. She’s had much success: during the 8-week FitScripts program she lost 8.5 pounds and subsequently lost just over 5 pounds more. Other markers of the progress Kim has made: her overall body fat percentage has dropped, her waist measurement is down and her flexibility has improved. Kim’s story is a great example of the success achieved by recognizing what works for you in terms of methods and tools, setting goals, and sticking with your efforts! We’re grateful to Kim for sharing her story.

Kim decided to join PWC and focus on her fitness after she went to the doctor for her physical. She says, “We got to talking about weight and all the fad diets or weight loss medicines being promoted now, and my doctor offered to prescribe a weight loss medicine for me. Hearing that I was the perfect candidate was a bit of a wake up call. After doing some research I decided that the best, most healthy way to accomplish my goal of weight loss and toning was through diet and exercise.”

As part of her membership, Kim took advantage of the wellness assessment, which helps establish a member’s starting point and show progress yearly. She wanted to learn more about how to use some of the machines. During the assessment she heard about the FitScripts program and felt it was something she could benefit from. FitScripts is an eight-week program of supervised sessions in a small group setting, and diet & weight loss is one of the “tracks” supported by the program.

Kim observes, “I had never worked with a trainer or done a program like FitScripts. I consider myself a very active person as I hardly ever sit down. I have worked out on and off over the years. Prior to Covid, I swam laps regularly. Most everything I have done has been single activity focused, such as swimming laps, using the elliptical, walking or aerobics classes. Bobby has taught me a variety of workouts so that every day is different.”

Kim says she set short and long term goals, and finds herself setting new smaller goals to challenge herself while working out. “Bobby encouraged me to wear my Apple watch and track my steps and calories burned each day. He showed me how to set up a fitness group and now my whole family and a few friends are all in a group. We compete against each other and keep each other motivated. I have my goal for calories burned every day set at 800 and I try my best to move enough to meet that goal. When I first started wearing my watch, I was only getting to 400-500 calories burned. I thought hitting 800 would never happen, and now I usually hit that goal every day.”

After 8 weeks of FitScripts and continuing to work with Bobby, Kim reflects, “I have soooooo much more energy! I was having a lot of lower back pain when I started and that has gotten so much better. I’ve gone down one size in clothing and feel more comfortable wearing cute outfits now! I have learned so much more about working out and I keep learning new stuff every day. I made a new friend in Bobby and even got to know his mom; I look forward to going to the Pound class with her!”

Overall, Kim says she feels so much better about her health than she did when she first started working out. “I physically feel better, my resting heart rate has gone down and so has my blood pressure. I actually can’t wait to see my doctor again because I feel like she is going to be so excited to see my progress!”