Elizabeth, pictured above with personal trainer Amy Biddle, describes herself as someone who likes to move, and she focuses her personal fitness with a commitment to maintaining her level of activity. When she joined PWC, Elizabeth approached the training staff to seek guidance with her workout. She was intent on following a program that was safe and that would best support her health needs, which include managing arthritis. She was linked with personal trainer Amy Biddle, and for the past two years the pair have been meeting twice a week to work on strength and mobility. In addition, Elizabeth generally walks about a mile on the track after her training session and enjoys walking near her home. 

Elizabeth values her relationship with Amy and describes it as a “good match.” She observes that this scheduled and consistent approach helps her maintain general fitness. She also enjoys the Gentle Yoga class that Amy teaches on Thursday evenings. With her fitness plan in place, Elizabeth is maintaining mobility and flexibility, which help her face the challenges posed by arthritis.

Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her story!