Join Annette on June 25 at 1:00 pm for Energy Medicine Yoga. This class is open to the public – bring a friend!

Energy Medicine Yoga is a special program offered at Powell Wellness Center by certified EMY instructor Annette Hyde. The program is offered quarterly, in alignment with wellness needs that occur with seasonal change. The summer session focuses on calming anxiety and increasing joy. Fall focuses on centering as days shorten and we typically become less outward-focused. Winter focuses on balancing the body and mind, and in spring, the program is about relaxing and recharging — a rebirth after the winter.

EMY was founded by American yoga practitioner Lauren Walker. It combines yoga with techniques to balance the body’s energy field and support healing, and is described as a way to “amplify your yoga practice without extending the time devoted to it.”

EMY certified yoga instructor Annette Hyde

Annette is a Level 2 Certified Energy Medicine Yoga (EMY) instructor. The EMY workshops she leads focus on supporting your body’s energy systems and overall health through simple practices like using your hands to move the flow of energy, breathing, meditation and postures.

As an example, a simple way to relieve stress is to place your hand over your forehead, like taking your temperature.  After a few moments, you should feel more grounded. Movements such as this are applied to certain points on the body — what EMY yoga founder Lauren Walker calls the OMG points. When you cover these points, you are interrupting the fight or flight response. It allows you to think more clearly.

A bit more on EMY from its creator, Lauren Walker: “Energy Medicine Yoga is designed to teach you to communicate with your body the way your body can understand. This is a two-way street. Our bodies, and souls, talk to us in numerous ways. Messages come to us through our dreams, intuitions and feelings, as well as through physical sensations like pleasure and pain. We need to learn to speak back to our bodies on a deeper level, in the same language that the body itself speaks. We do this through imagination, visualization, meditation and through physical means such as touching, tapping, holding specific points, stretching and massage.“
Energy Medicine Yoga with Annette is open to all levels of fitness. Modifications are available to accommodate specific mobility needs.