Energy Medicine Yoga® is a special program offered at Powell Wellness Center by certified EMY teacher Annette Hyde. The program is offered quarterly. The next class will be held September 16, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. Relax and experience balance and grounding energy as the fall season approaches! Please contact the front desk to register as space is limited.

Energy Medicine Yoga is an integrative practice, uniting the ancient healing methods of energy medicine and the time-honored tradition of yoga. This magical union works to align and balance the body’s nine energy systems that form the foundation for our health.

Classic yoga postures are interwoven with ancient traditional healing modalities including working with the meridian system, tapping, self-massage, holds to calm and regulate the body’s stress responses, and much more. These techniques are your gateway to communicating with the body in its own language, activating its natural healing intelligence. By focusing on your body as pure energy, you are empowered to transform and flow through life, radiant and vibrant.

Yoga instructor Annette Hyde is a Level 2 Certified Energy Medicine Yoga (EMY) instructor. The EMY workshops she leads focus on supporting your body’s energy systems and overall health through simple practices like using your hands to move the flow of energy, breathing, meditation and postures.

As an example, one method to relieve stress is to place your hand over your forehead, like taking your temperature.  After a few moments, you should feel more grounded. Movements such as this are applied to certain points on the body — what EMY yoga founder Lauren Walker calls the OMG points. When you cover these points, you are interrupting the fight or flight response. It allows you to think more clearly.

Energy Medicine Yoga with Annette is open to all levels of fitness. Modifications are available to accommodate specific mobility needs.