Personal trainer and aquatic group exercise instructor Amy Wagner shares a shout-out on the benefits of aquatic exercise.

When asked about training or exercise tips, I would be remiss if I did not point to the pool. Get in the water! While both land-based exercise and aquatic-based exercise improve strength, muscle tone and health, I am a huge proponent who will always lean toward the wet side and encourage you to put on that bathing suit and JUMP IN! For those who are not aware of the numerous benefits of a water workout, or for those doubters, read on. 

Aquatic exercise is a big calorie burner. A water workout provides resistance in all directions of movement. Having that resistance, every which way you move, demands extra effort from the body to work. This intensity increases the number of calories you burn during your workout. Perhaps you did not know: it is possible to burn as many as 3.5 times more calories in water than on land. Battling the resistance of the water also means increased muscle strengthening and toning. Hmmm, did you just grab your swimsuit?

Aquatic exercise supports management of different health conditions. Heart health concerns or problems? Work out in the water because heart rate increase is lower during water exercise due to the water temperature and resistance.  Arthritis or joint pain? The decreased stress on joints is significant because in the water, body weight is reduced by about 90%.  Swelling or circulation concerns? Impact pressure also is reduced, and the hydrostatic pressure of water increases circulation and reduces swelling. 

Aquatic exercise is a workout that serves the entire body. When you get wet and enjoy a pool workout, your sensory functioning increases, as does your stamina, strength, balance, and endurance. Your core musculature also improves, which is important for good posture and a healthy back.  If you have injuries from over-use, the pool is a great place to recover.

I challenge you to take the plunge and try a water workout. If nothing else, it will add some spice to your weekly workouts – such as a little “muscle confusion” from changing up your routine (so important). You just might find out you like water exercise. And, if you do?  I wanna know so I can tell you I told you so! 

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Amy leading her interval-based, calorie burning Aqua Blaze cardio class in the river

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