Chair One Fitness is a chair-based dance fitness program with movements that support the activities of daily living incorporated into cool seated dance routines with toe-tapping, whooHOO-prompting music!  It’s appropriate for all levels and in particular can support anyone for whom a standing fitness regimen might be uncomfortable or challenging. The program is designed to keep individuals mobile to ensure they remain on a progression in daily function and/or recovery. This is a fun interactive workout with certified Katie Hutchins that uplifts people while providing a total body workout.
Member Joyce enjoys Chair One Fitness with her mom and shares the following:
The Chair One Fitness classes have made an incredible difference in my mom. These class formats are a blessing to those who otherwise would be overlooked in the fitness landscape. 
Before Chair One, my nearly 93 year old mother could absolutely not walk unassisted. After 6 weeks of class Mom is able to move more confidently .. .determined to walk on her own to the class from the car lot!  It has increased her physical ability and her confidence. She is all smiles in an environment with those who share like challenges, who move rhythmically under Katie’s cheerful leadership. Katie makes everyone feel seen, comfortable and empowered. 
Mom’s younger self was involved in square dancing, ballroom dancing and line dancing. To see her able to enjoy musical movement in this class enlivens her in a beautiful way. The class has shifted her mindset from lamenting over activities in her past to ‘where the fun is now’.