Over the last few months, trainer Christine Kauffman has been training Lisa and Jamie, longtime friends who are pictured above. Christine shares the following thoughts on the benefits of having a workout buddy.

There’s power in numbers and it’s always more fun as a team!
Do you ever find yourself in a dilemma between spending time with friends and family or
exercising? What if you could have both: buddy time and burn some calories?

Having a gym buddy has many benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of having a fit friend:

1. You’ll miss less workouts!
Scheduling sessions with a friend holds us accountable. It’s possible you’ll get in the gym more
frequently per week as well.

2. You’ll try new things!
Friends lift us up. Having a friend there to boost your confidence can be a motivator to try new
things such as heavier weights, taking a group fitness class, or hiring a personal trainer
3. Motivation!
There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to help us push a little harder in our
workout. Bonus: that motivation to push a little harder can get you to your goals faster! WIN!

4. F-U-N!
Everything is more fun with a friend and the more fun you have the faster time flies. Before you
know it your workout is over and you have burned a ton of calories.
5. Possibility to save money!
Hiring a personal trainer with your gym friend to help both of you reach specific goals can save
you both money!

Choose your gym buddy wisely. They don’t have to be your best friend or a family member, although those are great choices! Look for someone who is dependable, kind, positive, and has similar goals as you!




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