We’re delighted to recognize & celebrate Larry Horner’s 15 years of service! Larry joined the PWC team shortly after the center’s opening. He had served 30 years with the Postal Service & 8 years with the Army Reserve in Culpeper, but there was to be no quiet retirement! He brought his longstanding interest in & commitment to fitness to PWC, working the fitness floor and personal training after earning certifications from the National Council on Strength & Fitness & the National Posture Institute. While continuing to work the fitness floor, he has added a new role: teaching the Pickleball 101 class for beginners at PATH Recreation & Fitness Center. Larry’s tip for pickleball: before play, don’t forget to stretch, with particular attention to the calves, hamstrings and hip flexors!
What has been gratifying about his time with PWC? Larry highlights PWC’s affiliation with the Culpeper Wellness Foundation and the entire organization’s work serving the diverse health and wellness needs of Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties. Day in and day out, Larry truly enjoys seeing people develop their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. He points out a benefit of committing to a healthy lifestyle for yourself: you are better able to help others when needed.
As we celebrate his 15th anniversary, our thanks to Larry for his many contributions!

Left to right: Fitness manager Whitney Propps, operations coordinator Josh Lemasters, Larry Horner, Culpeper Wellness Foundation Shari Landry, aquatics manager Stacey Aucoin, human resources manager Nicole Spears Galvin and PWC director Eric Good all gathered to celebrate.