Greetings Zumba fans!
Here is the link to join the livestream class:
Tuesday, July 27, 4:30 pm class:
**Please use code PWC721 for the class.**
This class will not be livestreamed in August.
Please register in advance, so you’ll be all set to access the livestream when it’s time for class. It also helps Kelly to plan because she can see who is signed up and how many people are planning to attend. The class is free and you are welcome to share the link with others!
To sign up, click on the link above and at the “SIGN IN” prompt, create an account using either an existing Google or Facebook account or simply with an email address. If using Google or Facebook, you’ll be prompted to enter your password for that account. If using email, you’ll then enter your first and last name and select a password. After creating an account, you’ll likely see a “DON’T MISS OUT” window that gives you the option to receive marketing emails directly from Zumba and/or Strong Nation. You can select “SUBSCRIBE” or “NOT NOW.” This will not impact your access to the class. Once you reach the black screen with “This event is scheduled for <class date> at <time>,” you are registered.
When it’s time for class, click on the class link to access the livestream. You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You may need to sign in, but you won’t have to create an account again. Class will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. The playlist is about 50 minutes long and the livestream is reserved for 1 hour. During class, Kelly cannot see or hear you, but you can let her know you’re there and having fun by clicking on the emojis below the livestream window. These will dance across her screen in real time. You can also leave comments in the comment window that she can read after class. These are private and no one else can access them. Kelly cannot see the comments during class.
A few tips:
Plan to access the livestream about 5 minutes before the start of class.
Close any other applications running on your device.
Position your device as close to your router or internet modem as possible.
Be sure your device is fully charged, or keep it plugged in during class.
Find a safe space where you can move freely, and have water nearby to stay hydrated.
If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can use it to enhance the sound.
If you have a Smart TV, Apple TV, or Amazon Chromecast, you can watch the class on your TV…but this might require some advanced tech support!
Have fun!