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10 Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations to Increase Breast Health

There is a wealth of information available online regarding breast cancer, and that’s particularly true in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here at PWC, we like to focus on breast health and prevention with diet and lifestyle practices. Our Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist Jena Savadsky Griffith, shares her top 10 tips.

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Eating for energy

On October 9, PWC integrative dietitian nutritionist Jena Savadsky Griffith presented “Eating for Energy” in PWC’s monthly Health Matters program. Read 5 takeaway messages from her program.

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Seasonal eating – fall

According to many traditional medicine systems, and now scientifically backed, apples appear at the exact time that we need them. Enjoying seasonally available foods can offer wellness benefits.

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Understanding chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation increases your risk for serious diseases and contributes to a range of symptoms. Learn how an anti-inflammatory diet can manage these symptoms.

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