Powell Wellness Center will again participate in Walk 10K, an annual worldwide walking challenge that in 2019 will take place May 6-12.

Walk 10K is sponsored by the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) to promote walking as a low-impact physical activity with many health benefits. As a member of the MFA, Powell Wellness Center participated in Walk 10K in 2017 and 2018, leading to a grand total of 74,000,000 steps taken by local walkers.

Participants in Walk 10K are encouraged to walk 10,000 steps a day for a total of 70,000 in a week. The walking challenge is open to individuals and groups of all ages including schools, businesses and clubs.

“We’d like to encourage everyone in Culpeper to join us in the challenge. We’re proud to support this initiative by the MFA and it’s great to see the participation in Walk 10K each year,” said Eric Good, Director of Powell Wellness Center. “Walk 10K is all about getting up and moving at a level of intensity that is comfortable for you. While 10,000 steps a day is the goal, you can set your own personal goal and use the challenge to start a new, healthy routine. Every step counts – get up and move around your home or workplace for 10 minutes, or park your car further from a store entrance. Walk around the block with a family member or friend. Even these little things can make a difference and improve your fitness,” added Good.

The benefits of walking are many, including reduced risk of heart disease and stroke by reducing cholesterol, improving blood pressure, and promoting weight loss. Walking also helps build stronger bones and muscles and improve balance. Moreover, it costs nothing, is low impact, is appropriate for all ages, and can be done anywhere.

Participants who register and report their steps to Powell Wellness Center are entered in a drawing for prizes. This year, prizes include passes to Culpeper Sport & Fitness for small group personal training and pickleball, and personal training sessions, adult swim lessons, smoothies and logo water bottles from Powell Wellness Center.

Community members are welcome to participate. Schools that participate will receive 50 pedometers to track participants’ steps. Schools that achieve 1,500,000 steps or more will receive a $500 grant from Culpeper Wellness Foundation to support the school’s physical education program.

Community members interested in participating, including schools and businesses, can sign up at Powell Wellness Center or by emailing walk10k@culpeperwellness.org between April 29 and May 6, 2019. Questions may be addressed to Powell Wellness Center fitness manager Patrice Barklund at pbarklund@culpeper wellness.org or 540-445-5395.