Would you like to experience the lengthening and strengthening benefits of Pilates?

Mat Pilates and use of the Pilates Reformer exercise platform can offer the following benefits:

  • Strong core – your abdominal, hip, gluteal and back muscles
  • Full body conditioning through a balanced approach
  • Muscle elasticity and strength
  • Joint mobility
  • Adaptability to your needs: modifications allow for a range of difficulty from beginning to advanced
  • Low impact

In September, purchase 4 individual orientation sessions with certified Pilates trainer Alyssa Dalrymple for $150, a savings of $50!

A complimentary single session introduction with certified Pilates trainer Alyssa Dalrymple is available by appointment.

Interested? Please contact PWC fitness manager Patrice Barklund, 540-445-5395 or pbarklund@culpeperwellness.org