Join certified Pilates trainer Alyssa Dalrymple for Pilates Reformer training!

The Reformer is a bed-like frame with a rolling platform that supports your body. The platform, large enough to sit, stand or lie on, is attached at one end with springs, which provide resistance to your movements. Padded shoulder blocks help hold you in place.

A wide variety of exercises can be done on the Reformer to promote lengthening and toning, strength, flexibility and balance. The Reformer supports:

  • Stronger abdominal, hip, gluteal and back muscles – your all-important core
  • Full body conditioning through a balanced and low-impact approach
  • Increased muscle elasticity & strength
  • Increased joint mobility

Exercises run the spectrum from beginner to intermediate to advanced practitioner levels. The Reformer is extremely versatile and can support many different fitness needs as well as a variety of physical challenges.

Client testimonials:

  • After getting through the acute phase of a hamstring injury, Reformer sessions with Alyssa helped me return to 100%. Prior to my injury (which was unrelated to Reformer) I had been doing weekly sessions with Alyssa. Post-injury we adjusted the Reformer springs so that I could ease into the movements, build my confidence and progressively regain my leg strength. Working both sides of my body on the Reformer really helped to keep me balanced as I healed. Alyssa is very watchful of your movements and quick to point out any imbalance, sometimes before you recognize it yourself.
  • I love Reformer and Alyssa is the best instructor! It’s never routine, each time it’s a little different. It works on my core and helps to keep me straight; it’s like the Fountain of Youth and makes me feel good!
  • Pilates Reformer helped me move from chronic pain to a more stable lifestyle. I’ve suffered from a genetic condition called Developmental Scoliosis. My spine was not curved at birth, but as time passes the spine is weak and curves. The best way to prevent the spine from curving is to have strong core muscles to counteract the curve. I’ve tried numerous types of physical therapy but I was always on medication for pain, or visiting doctors for pinched nerves. I couldn’t proceed with any life goals since I never knew when I’d throw my back out. Would the next recovery time be a week or a month? Naturally, getting hired with a back condition like that (despite being in my 20s) was basically impossible. When I started with Pilates Reformer I was able to relax because the movements never felt too demanding. I could take each exercise as far as I was personally comfortable with. Over time I became more confident, flexible and strong. Before I knew it I had been doing Pilates for over 2 years, and I hadn’t had a severe chronic back episode. I haven’t been reliant on pain medications for more than a year now. If I have a period of severe pain it typically lasts only 2-4 days. Pilates provides a sense of physical awareness that prevents me from injuring myself by accident. I walk, lift items, and sit in a different way than before. It took time, but the gradual changes from Pilates Reformer made my lifestyle more stable and free from chronic pain.

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Program information:

  • Pilates programs are open to members and non-members. Pricing below identifies member/non-member fees.
  • Individual, duo and group training is available for Pilates Reformer. Individual and group training is available with Pilates Mat.
  • Anyone new to Pilates Reformer is invited to enjoy a free 30-minute Introduction to Reformer with Alyssa.
  • A 4-session orientation is required before joining Reformer group training to become accustomed to the machine and how to make adjustments, instructor cues, proper alignment and Pilates terminology. (Fee: $200 members; $240 non members)

Program fees (member/non-member pricing, pricing is per person):

Pilates Reformer


1 session: $75/$85

6 sessions: $399/$459

10 sessions: $655/$715

Duo training:

1 session: $35/$45

6 sessions: $185/$245

10 sessions: $305/$405

Group training:

Walk in: $25/$35

10 sessions: $150/$250

20 sessions: $280/$480

Mat Pilates


3 sessions: $90/$120

6 sessions $160/$220


1 session: $15/$25

6 sessions: $70/$130

Please contact fitness manager Whitney Propps (540-445-5388 or to set up your session and begin enjoying the benefits of Pilates!