Are you ready to ZOOM? 

We’re excited to begin offering programming online for our FitScripts participants!

Information on live classes is below. A link to the class recording will be available shortly after each class ends.

Mondays 1:30-2pm will be a general exercise class including a warm up, 20 minute cardio section, 10 minute strengthening, balance and stretch. Chair modifications will also be included.

Monday 6/29 class recording for viewing; please use password 5j$$p734 Class:

Wednesdays 1:30-2pm will be a low intensity class in a seated format (this can also be done standing but have a chair available). Includes breathing techniques, cardio, strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

Wednesday July 2 class recording for viewing:


Please read for the ZOOM live classes:
  • If you sign in prior to the instructor, you will be in the “waiting room.” The instructor will admit you.
  • Depending on whether you would like to be seen or not, you may have your video on or off for class.
  • Five minutes after a class begins, the session will be locked to entry.

New to Zoom? Please take a look at these resources:

Video tutorial for Zoom

A “cheat sheet” on accessing Zoom 

Please call 540-445-5404 or email if you have any questions.