Falls can happen at any age. However, for older adults, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries, according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA). The good news, according to NCOA, is that you can minimize your risk of falls and injury resulting from falls.
Two trainings in September focus on injury minimization from falls and fall prevention – be proactive and build your toolkit!
September 19:  Learn how to reduce your risk of injury if you fall.
Join personal trainers Sharon Steele and Katie Hutchins to learn strategies for a safer fall. In a controlled classroom setting, Sharon and Katie will guide participants in practice of techniques to recover and get safely back on your feet. 12:00 noon in the GPX room.
September 21: Learn tips & tricks to improve balance.
Join UVA Health Services physical therapist Shane Devlin for a balance screening and learn how to improve and maintain your balance. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm in the GPX room.
PWC member Lynn attended last year’s fall risk minimization class with Sharon and Katie. Lynn recently described two instances when she put the training to use. While at another pool, her foot unexpectedly caught a metal pole and she pitched forward. Fortunately, she recalled her class training and was able to pull her shoulders back to adjust her position and prevent hitting face down. Lynn pointed out that there’s not much time to think during the fall, so it’s good to participate in the training and develop the muscle memory that supports an instinctive response. The training also addresses what to do after a fall, which Lynn said was helpful. Thanks to the training, she knew to breathe deeply and assess for any injuries before getting to her knees and looking for a stable support to help her stand.
Both programs are open to members and non members.
Questions? Please contact medical and fitness program manager Whitney Propps, 540-445-5388, wpropps@culpeperwellness.org.
How to improve your home’s safety to help prevent falls? Take a look at this CDC checklist: