Join instructor Annette Hyde for a free Energy Medicine Yoga (EMY) workshop online on September 19, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

Annette is a certified Energy Medicine Yoga instructor. The EMY workshops led by Annette focus on supporting your body’s energy systems and overall health through simple practices and postures. Annette typically offers these workshops quarterly with changes in focus that consider seasonal energy needs. This fall class will focus on centering and balancing.

A bit more on EMY, from its creator Lauren Walker: “Energy Medicine Yoga is designed to teach you to communicate with your body the way your body can understand. This is a two-way street. Our bodies, and souls, talk to us in numerous ways. Messages come to us through our dreams, intuitions and feelings, as well as through physical sensations like pleasure and pain. We need to learn to speak back to our bodies on a deeper level, in the same language that the body itself speaks. We do this through through imagination, visualization, meditation and through physical means such as touching, tapping, holding specific points, stretching and massage.“

This class will be held on Zoom:

Please sign in a few minutes prior to the class time; the instructor will let you in from the “waiting room.” Class entry will close shortly after 11:30 am (no late arrivals).

Please address any questions to Whitney Propps, PWC medical program manager, 540-445-5388 or