Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind with a BioExercise™ session! BioExercise combines activities for both body and mind to improve total body functionality. You’ll learn to move in ways that will challenge and improve your balance.

The class on March 19 at PWC will be led by BioExercise™ coach Sharon Steele. Sharon is also an aqua and land personal trainer, aqua exercise instructor and land exercise instructor.

“BioExercise helps participants address the physical and mental needs of their bodies as they age. This can help improve physical and cognitive health,” says Sharon. She has used the principles of BioExercise with her personal training clients, who have ranged in age from 13 to 80.

This class is free and open to PWC members and the public. Members should register through the online member portal and non-members may call the PWC front desk at 540-445-5406. The class is limited in size to support physical distancing.