Put on your pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day on October 23!

Wearing pink raises awareness about this disease that affects 1 in 8 women. Promoting awareness is an important way to encourage education about breast cancer and efforts that assist with early detection.

By wearing pink on the 23rd, you’ll also earn tickets to enter to win raffle prizes! Tickets can also be earned by participating in regular fitness classes and special “pink” classes. Of course, the real prize is that these fitness classes benefit your health. According to the American Cancer Society, “Engaging in regular exercise is good for you for many reasons, and one of them is to lower your risk of getting breast cancer. Many studies conducted over the past 20 years have shown consistently that an increase in physical activity is linked to a lower breast cancer risk.”

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a number of Breast Health Guides that can be requested online. Topics include 3 Steps to Early Detection, Mammogram 101, Know the Symptoms, and more.